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Means for disinfection of Winchlore (tablet) linen
  • Means for disinfection of Winchlore (tablet) linen

Means for disinfection of Winchlore (tablet) linen

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  • 276.42 UAH/t.  - from 1000 t.
Country of manufacture:France

Means for disinfection of Winchlore (tablet) linen


  • preventive, current and final disinfection in healthcare institutions, MPI, the centers of infectious diseases, pharmaceutical, child care, teaching and educational, sports, public institutions, on household objects, in institutions of public catering and trade, on movable structure and subjects to providing all means of transport, in places of a mass congestion of people, etc.;
  • disinfection at the enterprises of heavy and light industry;
  • disinfection at the enterprises of food and processing industry;
  • disinfection in veterinary science: livestock production, poultry farming, veterinary medicine;
  • disinfection of incubatory and food eggs, fruit, vegetables;
  • disinfection of mine wells, capacities for water, etc.;
  • disinfecting of drinking water and other needs;
  • disinfecting of water in pools, disinfection of "bowls" of pools, rooms and other objects in sports institutions, pools, saunas, baths;
  • processing of objects for the purpose of destruction and the prevention of emergence of a mold.

 Terms of delivery:

  • Minimum scope of supply: 1000 kg;
  • The price is specified for 1 kg in a bucket on condition of EXW;
  • Terms of delivery: (All terms of delivery according to Incoterms);
  • Packing: a plastic bucket, a cardboard box of 6 cans on 1 kg;
  • Terms of payment: advance payment;
  • Country of the producer: Ukraine.

 Key parameters of goods:

  • Active ingredient – sodium salt of dikhlorizotsianurovy acid;
  • Additional components – adipic acid; sodium carbonate.
  • Look – a tablet weighing 3,5 g;
  • Container: bucket of 25 kg, plastic can of 1 kg.
  • Certification:

             - Certificate on the state registration;

               - Conclusion of sanitary and epidemiologic examination.

Consumer properties:

  • has a broad spectrum of activity (a bactericide, virulitsid, tuberkulotsid, fungicide, sporotsid; destroys a mold.);
  • does not form "chloric dust" at application, unlike powders;
  • does not demand use of scales, measures, portioning devices.

 Additional information:

  • We can send samples to the buyer (it is paid separately).


  • sodium salt of dikhlorizotsianurovy acid — 80-82% (active ingredient);
  • adipic acid — no more than 10%;
  • sodium carbonate — no more than 10%.

Advantages before competitors:

  • has high efficiency at low consumption rates. 1 tablet — disinfection of 100 sq.m of surfaces!
  • the term of suitability of working solutions — 15 days


Brand: SANS Country producer: France

Country of manufacture:France
Purpose:For linen and clothes
Application area:Universal
Release form:Pills
Information is up-to-date: 02.07.2019
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